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     We have over 33 years of experience in designing and creating beautiful memorials that will last through the generations.

     We believe in keeping this process as simple as possible for you.  You will NEVER see extras fees that some monument companies and corporate cemeteries believe in charging.  When you buy a Porcelain Photo with your Granite Memorial, we will ALWAYS recess the photo into the granite for NO CHARGE.  This provides a better overall appearance, along with improved safety.  We do not have a charge for freight, nor a fee for the concrete foundation.  Here at Southwest Monument we believe in keeping this as straight forward as possible.

     Our laser artists are one of the best in the country, let their work speak for itself, along with very talented sandblasting artists.  We are among the select few monument companies that do all of our own sandblasting, which is done at our South OKC location.  We are qualified to install your loved ones memorial at all DIGNITY Cemeteries.

     We offer a large selection of superior monument and bronze memorial products, at guaranteed lowest prices, including granite monuments, headstones and markers, mausoleums, bronze markers and dedication plaques, vases, benches, porcelain photos, laser and diamond etching, Cremation options, and much more. We have a large indoor and outdoor display and we invite you to come by anytime at your convenience. It would be our pleasure to help you commemorate your loved one's legacy. Call today and we'll answer any questions you have.

     At Southwest Monument & Bronze Memorials, we pride ourselves in making sure that you are 100% satisfied with yours or your loved one's memorial.  We always are here for ANY questions you may have, even when it doesn't pertain to monuments (Cemetery Rules, Funeral Homes, etc.)  We strive to deliver the best workmanship in Granite and Bronze memorials and will do our utmost to make your experience go smoothly.  We will walk you through each step of this process, along with even welcoming you to be present at the time we are placing the memorial.

     Our computerized line and color drawings will never leave you guessing on how the memorial will turn out.  We are here to offer you the best possible experience when it comes to this difficult time.  We know that it can be overwhelming at times, so we thank you for trusting us during your time of need.